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How Good Would It Feel to Have a Pain Free Body That You Feel Confident In?

We've been helping people just like you do exactly that for years.Check out what they have to say
"They Know Exactly What My Body Needs, I Feel Safe. I Know I Won't Get Injured"
-Lisa C. "Lisadora"
(Age: 50's, Nurse & Mother of 4)
"It's only the morning and I feel like I've already been hanging out with friends, laughing & I'm getting a great workout in. It's a building block of my whole day's routine."
-Greg T. "G Money"
(Age: 50's, CEO & Father of 2)
"I really love coming here. It's the place that I can clear my head, get my stress out and leave feeling stronger & better about myself"
-Jessica K. "Foggy"
(Age: 40's, Senior Program Officer)


Our custom personal training program is designed around you and your needs. We take into account your past history in exercise to craft an experience built for your body and results.

"Everything feels better. I'm not in pain all the timeand I just feel so much stronger. I've lost 10lbs"
-Nicole T. "Niki"
(Age: 50's, CEO & Mother of 2)
"I mean if we're stuck in our house for a long time, I could just keep doing this because I love seeing everybody....it's just been more than we could even ask for"
-Heather Davis "HLD"
(Age: 60's)
"Not only am I seeing results in the gym, it also helps me run better and helps me with my yoga."
-Ann B. "Annie Be Silly"
(Age: 40's , Teacher)

Get Results

No more aimless training. No more crazy movements that'll leave you injured. With our expert staff to guide you, you'll be on the fast track for a better body, and a healthier, happier life. Click Talk to a Trainer to begin your fitness journey.

"You don't want to lose your mobility. When I don't feel like dong it, I look at these people that just gave up. They end up in wheelchairs, they end up on walkers, I don't want that to happen
-Lynn P. "Lynn 10"
(Age: 60's, Cancer Survivor)
"I was a little skeptical that we would lose that feeling of community by going online...but I find that it's still very motivating to come together. "
-Martha B.
(Age: 40's, Corp. President & Mother of 2)
"You're building up your immune system. You're just getting stronger and feeling stronger....by getting physically and mentally fit.
-Rebecca M. "Berka"
(Age: 50's , Teacher & Mother of 3)



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Aion and its trainers are fantastic. They are super committed and supportive and make the process fun. I also love the community vibe. I would recommend Aion to anyone that wants reach their fitness goals in a nurturing and friendly environment.

Elise B.
    

My wife and I started here at the beginning of COVID to increase our health. Marcus' team have always put our safety at the forefront of getting us stronger and more flexible. They check in regularly on how our plans are going and adjust as necessary to help us reach our goals. I highly recommend Aion to anyone, but especially those of us over 50 to join us.

Christopher W.
    

I love this gym. This is my first experience with a smaller, private gym. Workouts individualized set to help reach my personal goals. It has a community feel and everyone encourages each other even though everyone is in different stages of their health and fitness journey. Marcus is the best. Highly recommend!

Aimee G.




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