Our 3 values:


We know all of our members by

name & we listen to more than

just what their fitness goals are.


We listen to their life. 


We’re all about getting strong

& making you look good, but

more importantly we’re focused

on keeping you that way for the

rest your life.


We're not about inefficient and dangerous quick fixes.

We’re about improving your

daily routine to foster good health for the rest of your life.

Our programs:



2-4 clients per session.

Combine the focus & attention

of a private coach with the affordability of group fitness. Be your best with the support

of a strong community.



Get in shape like a pro athlete.


We take the science & intensity of athletic group training and offer it in a way that is safe, fun, & delivers results.


Not your average bootcamp.

A high-intensity, anaerobic class that pushes you to be better in a community setting. We'll keep you on your toes by changing things up with equipment like pushsleds,

battle ropes, dumbbells,

kettle bells, & medicine balls.

We also offer:



A one-on-one program designed just for you. Efficient, flexible training with a private coach dedicated to your personal best.



Custom Training and Accountability from Anywhere. This includes all of the workouts you need to achieve your goals, from resistance training to cardio, mobility and active rest sessions. 



Together we will create your customized health and nutrition plan. We work with you every step of the way to develop a customized meal plan to provide you with structure and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Our coach:

Marcus McDuffie is a former collegiate football player, who turned his love for athletics into a love for weightlifting and nutrition. He graduated from Occidental College with a degree in Exercise Science (Kinesiology) and applies that knowledge to all of his programs. He has experience working as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, a personal trainer, and a background in corrective & rehabilitative exercise.

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