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"They Know Exactly What My Body Needs, I Feel Safe. I Know I Won't Get Injured"


-Lisa C. "Lisadora" 

(Age: 50's, Nurse & Mother of 4)

"It's only the morning and I feel like I've already been hanging out with friends, laughing & I'm getting a great workout in. It's a building block of my whole day's routine." 


-Greg T. "G Money"

(Age: 50's, CEO & Father of 2)


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For years Aion Training  Fitness & Performance in Pasadena, California has served the hundreds of busy people to lose weight, gain energy, and feel the best they have in years. 


We’re the only personal training gym in CA that helps people aged 40 plus lose weight, gain energy and add more life to their year without fad diets or workouts that beat up your body.

We know you want to be the strongest version of yourself.

What can I say other than Aion is the best gym in Pasadena, and Marcus is the best trainer.


I really appreciate the community. Marcus cares deeply about his clients and will tailor a plan to fit your needs.


Well into my 30’s, and I am in the best shape I have ever been in. Not to mention that I have made some incredible friends along the way.

Becca P. "Chewbecca"

2 year member

When working out with Aion, I don’t feel like I am on this journey alone, as the program fosters an atmosphere of family and positive support.


Marcus meets you where you currently are physically, and slowly brings you along to improve your fitness level.


Although the workouts can be tough, his voice of encouragement (as well as my teammates) help me power through that last set of exercises. 

Leon W. "Leonidas"

1 year member

Aion Fitness is a great whole person wellness program - so much more than a gym!


I appreciate the individual attention I recieve from the coaches, but even more the support I receive from everyone in the group, whether it be to push through a workout, step up my nutrition, or just have a good time!

Jeremy M. "JPMa" 

2 year member

"I really love coming here. It's the place that I can clear my head, get my stress out and leave feeling stronger & better about myself"


-Jessica K. "Foggy"

(Age: 40's, Senior Program Officer)

"Everything feels better. I'm not in pain all the time

and I just feel so much stronger. I've lost 10lbs"


-Nicole T. "Niki"

(Age: 50's, CEO & Mother of 2)

"I mean if we're stuck in our house for a long time, I could just keep doing this because I love seeing's just been more than we could even ask for"


-Heather Davis "HLD"

(Age: 60's)

"Not only am I seeing results in the gym, it also helps me run better and helps me with my yoga."

-Ann B. "Annie Be Silly" 

(Age: 40's , Teacher)

"You don't want to lose your mobility. When I don't feel like dong it, I look at these people that just gave up. They end up in wheelchairs, they end up on walkers, I don't want that to happen


-Lynn P. "Lynn 10"

(Age: 60's, Cancer Survivor)

"I was a little skeptical that we would lose that feeling of community by going online...but I find that it's still very motivating to come together. "

-Martha B.
 (Age: 40's, Corp. President & Mother of 2)

"You're building up your immune system. You're just getting stronger and feeling getting physically and mentally fit. 


-Rebecca M. "Berka"

(Age: 50's , Teacher & Mother of 3)

"I was a little skeptical that we would lose that feeling of community by going online...but I find that it's still very motivating to come together. "

-Renallie A. "REN!" 

(Age: 30's, Lead Accountant)

I highly recommend Aion Training. 


Marcus pushes me to get stronger, but he focuses on proper form, mobility and safety. The result is that I’ve been able to stay healthy and consistent.


It is the highlight of my day knowing I get to improve as a person and have fun at the same time.

Greg T. "G Money"

2 year member

Even when I'm injured I know I can still get a great workout with the modifications necessary to stay on track with my fitness goals.


The Aion family is amazing, always encouraging and supportive, yes when you join this community you become family.


If you want results in your fitness goals, join us.

Violeta N. "V"

1 year member

Wonderful and effective training to get you safely to your health and fitness goals!

THE BEST Positive, caring, and engaging group of people to be in a fitness community with.

HIGHLY recommend - without question or hesitation!

Lydia S. "Lyds"

1 year member

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 Aion Training Fitness & Performance in Pasadena, California has served the hundreds of busy people to lose weight, gain energy, and feel the best they have in years.



Aion Training is a Customized Training Program designed specifically for people over 40 years of age. 


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